24 Oct 2017


The AIC Master Chef competition of AIC Group Jsc., is always an event that is expected to take place on the last Saturday in October or early November each year. This is the annual cultural event of the company AIC Group Jsc., and also a chance for employees in the company to have better connection to each other.

The contest was held on 28th October in the “Happy House” villa in Park City. This is the “guts address” of the event. The contest gives people a lot of different levels of sentiment. Generally everyone is waiting with enthusiasm for this contest.



Different to the previous year 2016, the Master Chef 2017 contestants are not divided in to male and female group but between 2 floors of the company’s office:

• Team of the 1nd-floor KE VAN (Accounting – Office)

• Team of the 2nd-floor DOANH KY (Business Development – Technical).

The tests of the two teams are still in the process of “planning,” will be announced in the shortest time. The list of members of the board of jury were also kept secret to ensure impartiality and objectivity.

The menu will include:

• The contest’s dish of 1nd-Team

• The contest’s dish of 2nd-Team

• Main dish include: “Mountain’s goat wine cellar with French’s style”, Russian salad with salmon black bread.

This year’s special is that our AIC Master chef 2016 Expert mr. Nguyen Huu Binh will not attend this contest but he will be the consultant of the whole contest while he is preparing the main dish of the Menu.




AIC Master chef this season promises a dramatic “hot fight” between the two newbies coming from the business development department and the admistrative office as captains. They are 2 beautiful hotgirls:

Chu Thi Thuy Duong is the captain of the team 1

Nguyen Thị Thu Huyen is the captain of the team 2

Unpredictable results, but according to the preliminary assessment of the “professional ” the ability to “cut the wind” of her two is not low …


The scoring criteria for this year’s contest is different from the previous years. In addition to the traditional items such as the dishes must be delicious, harmony of spices, eye-catching presentation, cooking demonstrations are graceful, clean and neat, presentations must be attractive. This year’s teams need to show teamwork and the chef will be a confident, resourceful, well-deserved team leader.

Let’s welcome the AIC MasterChef 2017 explosion and read please the next news.

Dương Dương

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