30 Nov 2018


On 03/11/2018, the event AIC MASTER CHEF 2018 was celebrated in the harmonious & solidary atmosphere at Nadyne Park City villa- Ha Dong dist., Hanoi capital.

AIC MASTER CHEF is one of the traditional events of AIC Group JSC. This is an opportunity for the staffs in the company to show the knowledge & capacity of cuisine. The event is organized as a contest between two teams. Captains are responsible to solve their ideas and coordinate the team members for preliminary processing. Chef Nguyen Hong Chi will lead the team the DESTINY to implement the fried snail roll and Chef Hoang Anh Nguyet is responsible for directing the team the FATE to make the steamed snail with ginger leaves.


The DESTINY team is making ingredient for fried snail roll


The FATE team with steamed snail with ginger leaves

The theme of AMC 2018 is snail- related dishes. With the members who are rarely come to the kitchen, but they indicate professionally in processing materials.


Finished products of 2 teams The FATE and the DESTINY

It can be said that two teams were extremely skillful from the preliminary processing to the finished product. Both dishes are delicious. Therefore, it is difficult for the judges to determine the winner. However, the steamed snail with ginger leaves of the FATE team dominated the contest because the dish was not only decorated beautifully but also presented forcefully and somewhat “drown” the competitor. These performances of the Fate team made the atmosphere joyful and completely conquered the Judges. As a result, the captain Hoang Anh Nguyet together with her team got AMC 2018 championship.


Ms. Hoang Anh Nguyet presents about Steamed snail with ginger leaves.


Judges and Guests of AMC 2018

The AMC 2018 not only has 2 contest dishes but also includes other ones prepared by the champions of last seasons. Grilled Stuffed Pig Tail and Hashed Sandworm Wrapped in Wild Betal Leaf are displayed by two AMC 2016 and 2017 champions. These dishes gave all the participants a great excitement. Especially, Russian Salad which was made by Mrs. Lan Anh (the owner of the villa in Nadyne) has been firstly ordered by members of AIC Group JSC for many years.


Mrs. Lan Anh with “Marvelous” Russia salad


The menu of AMC 2018


The moment of receiving the rewards of 2 teams

It has become a cultural tradition of warmth & solidarity. When each AIC MASTER CHEF season arrives, in the green villa in Park City, the laughing voices, the bright faces, the joy of all members of AIC Group JSC as well as guests are shown once again. They meet and treat each other delicious food which are made by both heart and enthusiasm.

See again, the fifth season of AIC MASTER CHEF!



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