10 Aug 2017

Brilliant AIC’s summer vacation 2017

By the end of July 2017 the summer holydays of all AIC’s member companies from the north to the south was ended successfully. Company’s reporters urgently gathers informations from the reporter’s supporter about the activities of all units and share with the readers all the hot news below.

The beginning of this summer holiday (6-10. June) is the “air landing” of the AIC TT men and women headed to Phu Quoc, the majestic island in the extreme south of the country with beautiful golden sand beaches at Long beach, sparkling white sand at Star beach and above all, dip in to the fresh air by the cool breeze from the sea to blow in. Everyone is enjoying the peaceful moment of relaxation, visiting the beautiful landscapes after the stressful working days and tired.


OK I’m Fine – AICTT is always ready to overcome all challenges


Just let it rain – Vinpearl Phu Quoc is still calling for everybody


AICers has chosen to spend their holidays in a hot tourist destination this year, Quy Nhon City, the capital of Binh Dinh province, from 28-6-2/7. There were only a small group of people coming by train, most of them coming by plane.

To avoid the blazzing sunshine and the fierce atmosphere of historic Tay Son. The group’s program is constantly adding spontaneous or organized adventures like going to the most windy place on the islands around the bay. If anyone has not had the opportunity to experience the strong feeling of being thrown through the place on high speed canoe should also try once. Five days of experience, five days relaxing with many attractions like visit the interesting Eo Gio and Ky Co beach, enjoy the specialties of the native, such as frog crab, ninja fish, fish noodles at a very reasonable price. Sink yourself in to the vast space of waves, water and clouds to forget the stuffy concrete forest everyday in loving Hanoi.

There won’t be a fullfilled AIC Group family vacation without a team building activities on the beach in front of the hotel. The whole team are feeling very excited and can not wait to have fun. Regardless of men and women, everyone is willing to take part in the games. Perhaps the most impressive game is “Water throwing”. Everyone was enthusiastic and the cheering sound rang out continously.


Beach activities of AICTD

The gala dinner at Quy Nhon’s farewell party was filled with the enthusiasm of amateur singers, the fun of the little children made memories unforgettable in the heart.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its establishment (2007-2017), the Board of Directors and all employees of AIC Trading decided to reward themselves with a summer trip to change the atmosphere. The original plan was a 6-day and 5-night tour at the world-renowned Phoenix-Jiaxing, a tourist destination in China’s southern province but unfortunately there were floods in this area at that moment. Inevitably, the company has to replace with a program also famous like a tour to Cambodia from 6/7 to 12/7. Not spoiling our expectation, the Temple country has made all admiration with its beauty which is solemn, ancient and magnificent sacred with extremely attractive destination. There were also many other interesting places such as Angkor Thom, Golden Pagoda – Silver Pagoda, National Museum of Cambodia. All created a fully emotional trip


Visit the Royal Palace of Cambodia


Visit the ancient Angkor Wat

One of the unforgettable experiences is the visit to the Vietnam Primary School, built by the Military Region 7 of Vietnam Peoples Armee.

After the trip, Ms. Tran Thi Kim Chung shares the following emotions:

“Visit Tonle Sap Lake I have the opportunity to interact with the Vietnamese community in Cambodia, thousands of people living in poverty and underdeveloped. After all, the Cambodia government doesn’t cares. They have no identity, no health care, most illiterate, children do not go to school. Daily used water is discharged directly into the lake and then used for living, eating and drinking. Perhaps they are the poorest Overseas vietnamese. But a few years ago a charity school sponsored from donations of vietnamese and foreign tourists was built by the Vietnamese army to teach vietnamese for the children. We visited and support them a little with  shrimp noodles, pen, money, candy. If anyone has a chance to go to Cambodia, please visit Bien Ho Lake to give a little support for the vietnamese children there. They look so innocent and so pitiful, do not know where the future is, every one is skinny, black, barefoot, who has a dress going to school is the best family here … Hic . They are very happy when we came to visit, sang and danced and greeted everybody and contested for candy. “


AICCP were hand out the gifts at the primary school in Vietnam

Ms Diem Phuong and AICtrading staff are happy with the children

AICE Company (25-28/6) and AKB (15-18/7) selected Da Nang as the place for this summer vacation. Already familiar with the scenery, scenery and amusement parks here this summer vacation is an opportunity for families of employees and companies excha

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