DEHAO  Electronic Technology co.,ltd           Dehau Eletronic Technology (DET)Guangzhou Dehao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1998 as systems specialists in video presentation equipment. They have seven branch offices and nine sub-branch offices covering all major provinces in the Mainland China and successfully sell to the military, electrical, television station, and petroleum markets. det DET sales to the electric power and petroleum industries, include:  Tianjin Electric Power, Liaoning Electric Power, Jilin Electric Power, Shangdong Electric Power, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (Huizho). InfoComm China 2009  Beijing, China,– November 9, 2009 – Jupiter Systems, the industry leader in display wall processors, announced that Dehao Electronics Technology, LTD based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, PRC, led Jupiter sales on the Mainland, exceeding expectations and forecast. DET is pround of the best retailer and integrator in China.
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