22 Aug 2017

The AKB Board of Directors holds regular meetings

On August 18, 2017, the Board of Directors of AKB Company had a meeting at the office of the company on Le Trong Tan Street, Hoang Mai Hanoi. Participating in the Japanese side was Mr. Yanase, CEO of KBS and the entire AKB’s board of directors, except for Mr. Suetsugu, deputy director of the company absent due to his business trip to Japan. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of AIC Board presided over the meeting.

The KBS joint venture company has been operating in the AIC Group for nearly 10 years. Starting in April 2017 the company has reorganized its structure, changed its management, rearranging its humen and invested heavily in new products.

Currently, the total number of AKB employees is 30, most of whom are young Programmers, the youngest are 21-year-olds.


Meet the department heads

At the start of the meeting, AKB executives reported to the BOD on June and July business performance and plan to launch operations by the end of 2017. The program was continued with the AIC group leaders meeting the heads department of the company.

Then the director of AKB led everyone to visit the work area of the two departments at the third floor: Team PM1 serves the Japanese market with applications related to website systems and hospital management software. PM2 team is responsible for researching, developing and developing products for the Vietnamese market such as ERP system for fashion manufacture and retail.


PM1 department

The PM3 team is located on the 4th floor. It is the largest department with 11 people, focused on developing products for a partner in Japan based on Java programming language technology.


Java programming department

The tekla design department for Japan Company KUBO  works on the 5th floor.


Tekla programmer’s team

Especially in this PM3 team has a friend named Le Thanh Nghi, a new programmer who joined AKB for 3 weeks ago. Although he is working at a Japanese company in HCM City, the boy was born and raised in the land of winds, white sand dazzling Phú Yên, he has long dreamed of experiencing the cold winter weather of Hanoi. This summer he made an unusual decision …

After many days traveling alone on a motorbike “phượt” across Vietnam, you have come to Hanoi but oh, My God ! 5-AKB2017winter is still very far. What to do to survive until the first cold winds come ? He has applied for an interview at AKB and have been officially recruited for the company since August.

According to information collected by the Group’s reporter, after 3 weeks working in the new collective, Nghi has made some adjustments in his plan to be able to experience not only one but many winter Hanoi and also To experience more other things.

Currently AKB continues to add manpower to prepare for ambitious plans in the near future.


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