Before 1994

By a number of technical staff of the technical communication department of the Advanced Information technology Corporation ( joint ventures between the EIC center of the Military Technical Academy of the Ministry of National Defense and the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute of the Ministry of Forestry), Advanced Information and building automation technology Corporation was established on June 25, 1994. Initially, the Company specialized its operations on such light electricity projects  as: audio technical, display,  lighting, internal information for civil and industrial architectures.


This is the period of executing the first series of  works with complex performance and scale in Hanoi and the Northern region. These works  required the integration of many advanced technical systems along with demand of professional skill of design, execution, running systems at a hight level. AIC is the pioneer in applying these systems into a series of important works at that time such as: Government conference hall at No. 1 Hung Vuong Street; the Halls at No. 4, No. 10 Nguyen Canh Chan Street; Ba Dinh Hall; Press Center for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as many series of works for Central agencies, departments and locals.

In 1996, the Company developed a new field of architectural lightning which is based on the most modern lightning technology of the Phillips Group. And the Company has supplied it for many works during the FRANCOPHONY event, held in Hanoi, such as: the lighting system of Hanoi stadium, Vietnam – Soviet Palace of Culture, Ba Dinh Congress Hall and many other typical works that have left their stamps up to now


Along with the synchro and modern development of urban infrastructure is the birth of civil and industrial lighting market, which  is promising to be a new , potential ones. In order to meet with the market’s requirements, AICe  Co., Ltd which focuses on electricity and lighting field for urban infrastructure was founded in 1999. Right after that is AICHCM Co., Ltd, taking charge of AIC’s activities in HCMC and the southern region, founded in 2001. AIC’s companies operate across the country, especially at the important industrial and economic centers such as Hanoi, HCMC, Da Nang, Can Tho and Ba Ria – Vung Tau


With the establishment of AIC Trading joint stock company in 2007, our orientation is to distribute dedicated and civil electronic audio-visual products. AKB software joint venture Co., Ltd was established in 2008 (a joint venture between AIC group and KB software, Nagasaki, Japan), specializes on working computer software. In order to cooperate and enhance the  companies’ operating result, on the date of 29th June 2010, AIC Joint Stock Company was formally founded; its headquarters is placed at Room 1806, The Garden Building, My Dinh, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi. It is the parent company with the following members:

–   Advanced information technology and building automation Co., Ltd

–   AIC trading joint stock company

–   Applied illumination and electronics Co., Ltd

–   Applied informatics and commerce Co., Ltd

Associates :

–   Investment consultancy and technologic development (Ministry of National Defense)

–   AKB software joint venture Co., Ltd ( Vietnam – Japan)

AIC is known as the professional supplier and executer of the worldwide’s leading manufacturers of high technology such as: Bosch, Phillips, Tyco, Barco, DET, Leyard, Orion …

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid economic growth that has made massive changes in the society and mutilateral moves in infrastructure and urban architecture.

With the remarkable economic growth, residential areas with modern infrastructure, skycrapers have been rapidly changing cultural lifestyles and demand for  outstanding developments of technology and engineering systems, ecology and environment. Catching up with life’s changes and concern about electric technology works, AIC has oriented into investing and developing many technology items and new services such as: Building management system, technical services relating to energy supply, lighting, communication, security, intelligent building, eco- environmental services relating to current constructions on the bais of green IT.

Our orientation is becoming a strong information technology and building automation corporation. And we expect to reach an average growth of 50% until 2020.

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